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At Envision Direct Primary Care, the patient is at the heart of all that we do.

Personalized and comprehensive care has become a rare commodity in the rushed world of medicine. Envision Direct Primary Care is here to change the way that you experience healthcare. In this care model, each aspect of the patient experience has been crafted to provide you with a sense of calming security to ensure that you feel completely fulfilled with the care you receive.

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Meet Dr. Nair

Dr. Nair created Envision Direct Primary Care with the intent to provide patients with the care, commitment, and the security of knowing that their doctor is focused solely on their healthcare needs.


 Direct access to Dr Nair

Same day and next day virtual visits

Wait times of less than 10 minutes

 Priority scheduling for in-office visits

30 to 60 minute appointments to ensure you have more than enough time to discuss your healthcare needs and concerns with your doctor.

 Extremely Limited number of patients accepted, allowing your doctor to focus wholly on your needs and medical history.

Emphasis on preventative medicine with a focus on your personal healthcare journey.

No copays or surprise fees, regardless of the number of visits

 Discounted labs

 All visits covered

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